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Varicose vein is the occurrence of enlarged and twisted veins colour. They occur in and around our lower leg. They are primarily caused by the obstruction of blood flow in our veins. These dilated veins appear raised and have bluish purple or red colour.

This is very common, especially among women. More than 24 percent of all adults suffer from varicose veins. They mostly appear on the lower part of the legs but can also happen elsewhere. Varicose veins occur when veins function properly.

Veins have valves which prevents the blood from flowing backwards and when they fail, blood gets collected in the instead of continuing to your heart. This collected blood enlarges the veins and makes it twist appears swollen. Laser vein treatment service in Los Angeles is a feasible option in the treatment of varicose veins.

These are some potential causes of varicose veins including pregnancy, menopause, old age (especially when a person reaches the milestone of 50), obesity and standing for an extended period. Heredity can also play some part in varicose veins. If your family member has a history of varicose vein, it is probable that you will also suffer from the same health issue.

Some common symptoms of varicose veins include misshapen veins, in your lower legs particularly, severe, or slight pain, aching in the area of occurrence, swelling and sensation of heaviness. You can also develop swelling and discolouration in severe cases. It can also lead to ulcer in the affected areas if not given proper care and medication.

Many people who suffer from varicose veins have reported symptoms like pain and cramping in the legs, tiredness, restlessness, burning or heaviness in the legs. The common remedial methods practiced by people having varicose veins are elevating the legs while sitting and sleeping or wearing support stockings. These methods have been reportedly considered effective and involves low or no investment at all.

But the effectiveness of these methods is questionable as they give temporary relief to the person. It can never fully remove a varicose vein which is in your body like laser vein removal in Los Angeles.