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Dr. Andrew Jones


I noticed at an early age that I have an innate ability of perceptiveness and demeanor that allows me to have anyone I’m speaking to to have a sense of calmness, trust, and attentiveness to my words. A gift I didn’t take lightly. If I was going to be a doctor to help people I needed to have the best education in the world from the best doctors, which took me to Europe.

After completing part of my education in the Caribbean with European professors, I transitioned to do my clinicals in London with Oxford and Cambridge trained Physicians in the top of their specialty.

Impressed with my training I returned to the United States with an immense wealth of knowledge at hand only to find to my dismay that my colleagues across the country did not share my enthusiasm, compassion, and love of medicine. To them each patient was a number, a chore, or an object that mandated their presence in order to be paid which resulted in poor patient care and unfortunately mortality. A sentiment I did not share so I decided to leave that environment and use my gifts in my own company and to have healthcare providers who shared my same love of medicine.

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