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Compression Therapy

Our Los Angeles Practice Offers Compression Therapy Veins Treatment That Can Really Make a Difference

Varicose veins can cause significant issues for many people. Normally, blood is returned to the heart through the venous system. As the heart pumps, the blood is drawn back towards the heart, with a series of venous valves preventing it flowing back as the heart relaxes. Over time, these valves can become inefficient and the vein walls can develop damage, reducing the efficiency of the venous system. This leads to blood pooling in the veins, creating the swollen, highly visible varicose veins that are familiar to a large number of people. Although being overweight or pregnant can increase the risk of developing varicose veins, many people develop them even if they haven’t experienced a weight gain. They can occur in both men and women, although women tend to be affected more frequently.

What Problems Can Varicose Veins Bring?

Varicose veins are extremely common in the lower leg. Because they can be rather unsightly, many sufferers feel self-conscious about wearing shorts in warm weather, swimming, or engaging in other activities where the site of the veins may be exposed. In addition, varicose veins can throb and ache, particularly after standing or walking for some time. The skin over and surrounding the vein may become discolored and itchy. Legs may feel hot and uncomfortable, leading to problems with successfully performing everyday activities. The symptoms of varicose veins can also lead to insomnia. For all these reasons and more, a growing number of people want a successful solution to the difficulties varicose veins can bring. A popular option that can significantly relieve symptoms is compression therapy for varicose veins.

What Is Compression Therapy Veins Treatment?

As the name suggests, compression therapy involves the compression of the area affected by the varicose veins. The increased pressure on the vein reduces the blood pooling that takes place in the vein, helping venous return and partially compensating for the valve deterioration that has led to the varicose vein formation. Primarily used to treat varicose veins in the lower limbs (where their formation is most common), individuals are fitted with a customized elasticated stocking that provides the necessary compression effect. The stocking is intended to be put on when patients get up and remain in place until bed time (although obviously it can be removed for showering, swimming and similar activities). Used consistently, a well-fitting stocking can significantly reduce the troublesome symptoms which varicose veins present.

The Advantages of Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins

Although compression therapy is unlikely to completely cure varicose veins, it does have several benefits that result in it being a popular intervention that many patients find helpful. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Wearing compression stockings is a conservative treatment that’s widely tolerated. Particularly for patients that have pre-existing conditions that mean surgery or other, more invasive approaches wouldn’t be suitable, compression stockings can work exceptionally well.
  • Compared with more invasive procedures, compression stockings are a more economical choice.
  • There are very few, if any side-effects associated with compression stockings. Provided they are correctly fitted, the vast majority of people are able to wear them comfortably. If there are any problems, the stockings can be quickly and easily removed – there’s no need to make a hospital visit in order to get the difficulty resolved.
  • Compression stockings start working immediately – there’s no recovery time or procedure to undergo. Simply put the stockings on and they will begin to assist with venous function.
  • Treatment can be a good first step towards resolving varicose veins symptoms.
  • Compression stockings are a flexible treatment that can be easily managed by patients at home. Usually there’s no need for repeated clinic visits or other intervention.
  • The stockings can be used in conjunction with other treatments for venous insufficiency. For example, they can be worn over the top of ulcer bandages and are also a standard follow-up measure for venous surgery or scleropathy

Compression Therapy Veins Treatment Available in Los Angeles Now

We are an experienced provider of tailored solutions for venous problems, offering every patient a customized package of support and intervention that is intended to give them the outcomes they need. Alongside our range of treatment interventions, we can also offer plenty of helpful advice on lifestyle changes, medication and other options patients may wish to consider in order to manage, or even cure, their venous problems as effectively as possible. If you would like any further information about conservative treatment for varicose veins, including compression therapy, our friendly, professional team will be happy to help.

Compression Therapy